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A work in progress but I envision it as a place where literary artists can gather.
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The Ever-Under.
She drifts in a place between worlds, a weightless entity floating on silky water. It feels like she is falling, and yet somehow flying in this land that is nowhere and everywhere all at once. There is no day here, only times when faded light dances above her eyelids and the sharp scents of antiseptic, sterile surfaces penetrate her nostrils - a living death punctuated only by the beeps of a heart monitor. There is no night here either, only a dark abyss of silence that always comes before her dreams.
It is fitting, she thinks, that at this borderline between worlds she dreams only of a Sea Serpent - a creature of the deep that surfaces rarely to taunt the imagination of those lucky enough to catch a glimpse of it. In her dream, she stands at the shore of a black lake that she does not dare to touch. Swiftly, the serpent rises from the depths; he glides to meet her, his silver scales the only light filling the void around her. Ink ripples in his wake, swirling thickly like molten metal
:iconxswan-songx:XSwan-SongX 12 5
Of Toasters and Time Machines

I know this is going to come as a shock to everyone, but the truth is, the Egyptians built the pyramids entirely on their own. No alien assistance required.
    As there are sure to be countless historians that would love to get their hands on my sources, this discovery is not why I felt compelled to write you today. It is, in fact, another matter, one more serious than you could imagine. For this reason, I will divulge, in full, how I came by this startling information.
    There’s a Dr. Adam Farrow of the University of Rochester in New York. He’s a professor of physics and astronomy during the day. At night he works on this thing called a time machine. Yes, a machine that, you guessed it, allows you to travel in time.
    Though an engineering student at Rochester, I knew Dr. Farrow by reputation only. M
:iconlouisfriedman:LouisFriedman 6 6
Plant Limerick
All plants do is sit in a pot
Make noise or mess they do not
But the need to be fed
I forgot now they're dead
And now they look and smell like snot
:iconthesolitarytrickster:TheSolitaryTrickster 1 2
A Letter from the Late Professor Stone
March 13, 2018
To Whom It May Concern,
    If you’ve found this letter, which was hidden among the personal effects of my home, it can only mean that I am no longer of the living. This does not come as a surprise to me, given the recent events that have taken place in my life. I’ve sensed for days that my end was drawing near, and have decided to leave this letter in the hopes that it might prevent anyone else from befalling the same fate as I.
    I am neither a superstitious man, nor a religious one. I have long since left behind the childish ideals of the fantastical and supernatural. I see the world not through rose-tinted lenses; rather, I see it in the sepia hues of the past and the factual. Perhaps it was because of this view of the world that I am no longer a part of it.
    For the last several months, I have been accompanied against my will nearly everywhere by an uninvited entourage. I di
:iconmidnightdaybreak:MidnightDaybreak 24 13
Why All Vampires are Girls
Why All Vampire's Are Girls.
By John Paul Dodds
Did you know that all vampires are girls, like me?  Yes really.  Dracula and all that malarkey, well that's all it is, rubbish.  And don't even get me started on Twilight.  Sparkling in the sunlight?  What do you think I am, a disco ball?
See, there's a reason that vampires are all girls, and it has to do with blood.  See when we... when vampire's drink blood, we don't actually feed off of the blood itself.  It's more of a conduit... a... well what chemists would call a suspension.  What we're feeding off is the life energy.  The blood is just a handy-dandy medium for carrying that energy.  But there's a downside.  Since we're not actually alive.  Well, not as you see it anyway, our bodies don't process food.  Or drink.  Or blood for that matter.  And it just sort of sits there.  Until we menstruate.  That's right.  Even vampire girls have that time
:iconraqonteur:Raqonteur 2 12
written in the stars
{ a King Henry VII & Queen Elizabeth of York fanfiction }
January 1503
“I thought of a name.”
The sudden sound of his voice brought Elizabeth out of her daydream and she turned to face him. Their journey to Westminster from Richmond had been quiet for the most part, allowing her mind to wander aimlessly.
January had started out coldly, the weather turning the English countryside into an enchanting vision. The sun shone weakly overhead, covered lightly by a thin layer of foggy cloud ; the cloak of snow covered the ground, and some of the frozen crystals still fell lazily through the sky. The forest was silent, the thick white mattress muffling every sound, and the carriage carrying the King and his Queen seemed to slide on it.
Seated side by side, she turned her face away from the landscape to look up at her husband.
“What for, my dearest?”
“For our future child” he added in a murmur.
Instinctively, her gloved hands moved to r
:iconnami64:nami64 76 27
Conversation with a Toaster
It was dark, early in the morning.
I heard shouting coming from the kitchen. My eyes opened, just barely, to check the time.
I must have had three hours of sleep.
I got out of bed, and went down the stairs to see what was going on.
"Oh, shut up, mate."
"No, you shut up!"
"You've done enough. Don' you understand? Just deal with it."
"How can I-"
"Great, now you've woken 'im up."
It was the refrigerator and toaster. I switched on the light in the kitchen to be certain.
"Hey." said the toaster.
"Guys, what's going on here?" I asked.
"It's your new toaster, Andrew. He's been carryin' on with an existential crisis, or somethin'."
"You know I'm right here, right?"
The refrigerator went silent for a moment. He was expressionless, but I could tell he was bothered. "Would you mind? I'm quite knackered." he said.
"Yeah, let the big man handle the problem."
"Quit it, you."
"Okay, okay." I raised my hands, in an effort to calm the situation. I approached the toaster. Its familiar rec
:iconbagcartel:BagCartel 5 2
Everyone leaves a story
Everyone leaves a story
Everywhere they go
In tubes of rose-red lipstick,
Or buried in the snow.
In faded concert tee-shirts,
Or a single fallen tear,
From the silence of a whisper,
In the words scrawled, "I was here."
From a single footprint on the moon,
To an echo in the trees,
Everyone leaves a story,
And this one starts with me.
:iconidreamofthewind:IDreamOfTheWind 7 12
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